Saturday, March 8, 2014

Quilled Peacock in Brown and Gold Tones

I freehanded this peacock for a friend of mine last summer. It's about 12 inches (30 cm) high. I glued the pieces to some clear plastic for stability.

I like the brown, yellow, gold and tan motif because it matches her entrance hallway perfectly, which is where she hung it.

Now she wants another for the other side of her mirror!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Quilled Orchids and More

Here is a series of quilling project I've done over the course of the last few months. My latest piece de la resistance is a pot of orchids I made for a friend's Easter gift. I eagerly used the pattern and ideas of Alli Bartkowski in her new book Quilled Flowers: A Garden of 35 Paper Projects. And I tweaked it a little, too. The coffee mug in the photo is for scale.

Detail of the flowers:

Here's a posey I made with Alli's original pattern for the orchid bloom:

In keeping with the Easter theme, here's a bunny:

and what I call the GoonyBird (based on a card I saw on Stephanie's Designs blog by someone named Anita):

I started to make a 3D snowflake out of 3/8" paper, but it began to droop terribly. I stopped with only this much, but the droop turned into a pleasing effect:

A little angel based on something I saw at Aquamarine Crafts blog:

A very dark blue snowflake that looks black based on a design by Stephanie Sanchez - I saw the pattern on Ann Martin's allthingspaper blog:

A colorful butterfly emulating one by Celia Louie of Crafting Creatures:

Dragonfly like ones I saw at Quilled Inspirations:

Here is a string of fish I made for some friends who own a restaurant in Germany well known for its local catches. I based the designs on those of my quilling guru Ann Martin of the All Things Paper blog:

A flower thingy based on something I saw by Charlotte Canup on The Art of Quilling blog:

A bunch of grapes based on some I saw at Elizabeth's Creations Studio - these make great gifties for wine lovers:

I love the way this Monarch turned out. It's based on one I saw on Inna's Creations blog. I will probably never make another. It was so detailed and had so many teeny, tiny parts. I added a tail of folded roses to bring attention to it.

I made this as a Mother's Day gift. The recipient used it for a corsage for the afternoon!

I dig this peacock based on a card I saw on Inna's Creations blog:

Another design I borrowed from Ann Martin. She designed this pear tree for a holiday card:


A weird scrolly thing:

Please note that I troll Internet images for ideas and designs to use. I try to attribute the source where I can, but I don't always remember where I got them. I thank the makers nonetheless! There are so many talented quillers out there. Do your own image search just for a pleasant pasttime the next time you have a few minutes. I hope you've enjoyed my creations!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quilled Bentwood Jewelry Box

I made this for a close friend's birthday. It's based on a design in "The Book of Paper Quilling" by Malinda Johnston.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Original Quilled Birthday Card and DipQuills

I made this quilled card for my German teacher's birthday out of some leftover pieces I had tucked away from doing a jewelry box a few months earlier. It's an original design, something I've been trying to do more of instead of using patterns or emulating work by other artists. I'm still not totally comfortable with it, but I'm getting there!


From time to time I do a bulk order to send to my friend Lauren who came up with a fabulously clever idea of dipping them in liquid acrylic. When they harden, she makes earrings and pendants out of them. Here's a shipment I did just before Easter. I totally DIG the bunnies! And didja notice the cute little snails in the middle?

Here is an example of a pair of DipQuill earrings we did for Valentine's Day:

I did these placecards for my landlady's 85th birthday party. All this and a free lunch, too! My fondest memory of the event was the fact that the old man at our table who had advanced-stage Alzheimers was happy (over and over again) when he was told he could take his home.

 Here is a gilded snowflake I made that Lauren dipped - we gave it to her mother for a Christmas present. Her mother, Miss Ella, keeps a half-Christmas tree mounted on the wall year round and changes the ornaments for each season of the year. I hear this snowflake stays for every season!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Quilled Nativity Scene and Birthday Card

It has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of plagiarism. And many artists have learned volumes trying to replicate the art of the masters. So, at the risk of seeming hugely derivative and a questionably borderline copycat, here are a couple of quilled items I did near Christmas 2010. The first is a birthday card for a friend based on the card I saw by Stefani Tadio of And Another Thing blog:

The second is a blatant, though obsequious, imitation of a beautiful Nativity scene by Cheryl Scanks sold in her Cards by Cheryl Etsy shop: 

I am grateful and happy to give credit where credit is due for the inspirations of my quilling projects. I am currently branching out and doing my own designs. However, because of these wonderful quilling artists who are willing to post photos of their work on the 'Web, I have quality works to imitate and from which to learn loads. Thanks all of you!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


For this piece I took inspiration from an altered book sculpture by Kaylen False (which is an excellent name for an artist) and from the ongoing and myriad paper art posted at Ann Martin's blog, All Things Paper.

I made this bookworm as a gift for some friends who own a bookstore in Germany. The worm is quilled from strips I cut from the of the pages of the book. The rest of the embellishments are leftover bits and pieces of quilling I collected from other quilling projects.

I'm proud to say that the Bookworm now lives at the bookstore LeseZeichen in Kronach, Germany.

By the way...
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

My new book is out!

A Travel for Taste - Collected Czech Family Recipes

Last week I announced the official release of my latest book:

A Travel for Taste - Collected Czech Family Recipes!
It is a revision of the first edition which included some non-Czech recipes. I rewrote it to include only Czech recipes. This new one has additional recipes as well.

The best part of the book to me is the fact that the recipes are introduced by stories and photos from my travels. Each recipe has a narrative about how I came to have the recipe. And each dish is an authentic family recipe from Czech friends.

I'm excited to tell you that you get a free iPhone/iPod app with each purchase. The app is called "My Travel for Taste" and contains information about the book and me. It also has three recipes and photos from the book. You can also access the app from tablet devices such as iPads and Androids. Send me the confirmation code from your purchase and I'll send you the code for the app.

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